Landscaping Rates & Process

Customized Garden Consultation and/or Coaching


  1. Meet to view your site and gather/share information to meet your landscaping goals 2 options: #1 You take notes; OR #2 I take notes and send to you.
  2. If you chose Option #2, you receive notes and resources to assist with your landscaping goals (see fees below).
  3. Decide if we want to work together on your project design, installation, maintenance, and/or garden coaching.

FEES: Minimum 1 hr. consultation/coaching session $95/hr. - fee includes mileage and travel time. Fee due at end of session. If notetaking, research, and/or information organizing is completed by Mariposa Naturescapes, this service is $25/hr. number of hrs. spent on this administrative work can be determined at end of consult/coaching session. Notetaking/research fee can be billed or paid at end of session.

Most Seattle-size garden consultations run 2 hours - depends upon size & complexity of garden space, project goals, and amount of resource sharing wanted. Fee can be prorated if full two hours aren't needed.

Customized Landscape Design


  1. Meet to view your site and gather information about your goals and site conditions (sunlight, soil, wind, etc.).
  2. A planting plan is created as well as a plant list.
  3. Meet again to review items in #2.
  4. Schedule time to begin the installation project (entire or phase in).
  5. Estimate for materials and labor will be created, if MN is doing installation work for you.

TYPICAL DESIGN FEES: Seattle-size urban backyard OR front yard design: $750 $1,200 while an entire yard design ranges: $1,500 $2,500, depends upon site and goals. Pay of design fee when signing Job Agreement and at Design Review Meeting.

Installation and Maintenance Labor

Fees depend upon site and work to be completed.

$40/hr. weeding, plant grooming & lite pruning, and compost tea application

$45/hr. complex pruning, plant removal/hauling, invasive plant removal, planting/transplanting, adding soil amendments/sheet mulching, building structures, and path creation

$50/hr. all steep slope work invasive plant removal, planting, erosion control, and mulching

Minimum job is one gardener for 4 hrs. = $160 $200, depending upon work to be completed.

Mileage and Materials: We charge for mileage & labor on materials that we pick up and deliver to you. We collect fees for materials when the Job Agreement is signed. There is a $1 per mile charge for miles driven beyond 20 (one-way) from West Seattle.

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Seasonal Garden Packages

Prices Good Thru December 2015

Packages may be enhanced to fit larger garden areas.

Garden mulch

Mulch that Soil
Mulch (layer of organic material put over soil surface) deters weeds; helps retain moisture; feeds beneficial soil organisms and, in turn, our plants; and assists in protecting soil from erosion. This is an ideal time to mulch paths and/or planted bed spaces with Arborist wood chips. Includes: weeding & sheet mulching/mulching for 300 sq.ft. area with good/fast access from mulch pile.
Additional yards of mulch, cardboard run, Transfer Station run, Design, and/or Planting may be added to this package.
$679 2 gardeners full day + 2.5 cubic yards of mulch (delivered by MN)

Start Your Food Forest Now

Start Your Food Forest Now
A FOOD FOREST is a multi-layered, food- and habitat-producing landscape that acts like natural woodlands. Includes 1 hr. site visit; conceptual design; procurement & delivery of site-appropriate plants: 4 dwarf fruit and/or nut trees, 8 berry shrubs, & 25 groundcover plants; planting; and mulching around plants with compost and Arborist wood chips.
Additional soil preparation, more plants, and/or Keyhole Beds can be added to this package.


Garden Renovation Magic

Renovate a Garden Space
Clear out common garden design mistakes overplanting, shrubs/trees too close to house and/or windows, and mismatched plantings - to make room for a few beneficial plant additions and improve your garden's design. Includes: lite pruning, plant removal, transplanting/ compost, and mulching w/Arborist wood chips.
Weeding, additional yards of wood chips, and design/planting may be added to this package.
$629 2 gardeners full day + 1 green haul + delivery of 1 yard of Arborist wood chips

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